May 7, 2019

What you and I as citizens do

May 2

GUEST: Seth Donnelly, teacher, labor activist, and human rights delegation member, talks about his work in exposing U.S. racism and colonialism in Haiti.
Hold the US/UN Accountable

The only way the U.S. gets away with colonialism in Latin America is by keeping its own citizens ignorant. Learning the history of Haiti brings awareness not only of this island colony, but of the racism and exploitation the empire brings to the Third World. The nearer an undeveloped country is to the U.S., the more suffering and destruction it experiences.

We all know about Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, embargoed and threatened by coups and military invasions. What we don't know about is the subjugation and suffering that goes on in countries like Haiti, Honduras, and Columbia, all puppet nations under the thumb of U.S. imperialism.

It takes courage to go to Haiti and report back on the corruption and nasty ways of empire. But once we see what our own government is up to, we can understand why countries like Cuba and Venezuela resist. U.S. occupation kills millions. The death squads trained and armed by the U.S. Kill tens of thousands more. Like most occupiers, our country is ruthless and murderous when it comes to suppressing the indigenous populations for the profits U.S. business interests.

The wealth of the empire is built on exploitation, like all world empires before it. That is just the fact. What you and I as citizens do about it is up to us.