February 16, 2012

I was thinking during our interview with Karen Charman how much we resist stories like this about the catastrophic danger of a nuclear plant like Indian Point. I full meltdown would destroy the southern part of New York State. We might never be able to return to our homes, that is if we were able to get out in time.

"Few of us," Arthur Miller once wrote, "can easily surrender our belief that society must somehow make sense. The thought that the State has lost its mind and is punishing so many innocent people is intolerable. And so the evidence has to be internally denied."

We are all too busy trusting the state and the corporations that run it. Indian Point is that time bomb in our midst that is just too troubling to consider.

February 7, 2012

Olympia Food Co-op

The Olympia Food Co-op is boycotting Israeli goods to protest that country's apartheid policies. The lawsuit against the Olympia Food Co-op is part of a growing attack against Palestinian rights organizations in the US. The "Irvine 11" found guilty of "conspiring to disrupt" a campus speech of Israeli ambassador Michael Oren is another example.

Perhaps the most blatant example, however, is the FBI searches and grand jury hearings targeting Palestinian rights activists.


23 anti-war and international solidarity activists have been subpoenaed to appear in front of a Grand Jury in Chicago, headed by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. They have done nothing wrong. They have educated and organized against U.S. wars around the world. And they have stood in solidarity with the peoples of Palestine and Colombia.

All 23 of the targeted activists said that they will not cooperate with this witch hunt against the movements so many of us have worked to build. The U.S. attorney is working to put these activists in prison. Whether some of them are indicted, or others are jailed for refusing to testify, the threat is very real.

We pledge...

-We will carry forward the fight for our right to speak out, organize and to stand in solidarity with those who want freedom;
-We will stand up to any escalation of the attacks on anti-war and international solidarity activists;
-We will join the national day of protest when anti-war and international solidarity activists are ordered to appear in front of the Chicago Grand Jury or indicted.


February 2, 2012

Barbara Harvey interview

I was glad we were able to convince Barbara Harvey, lawyer for the Olympic BDS movement, to be on this Thursday. Her court case was postponed, and she had wanted to wait until the hearing was finished to be on Activist Radio. But our talk covered a range of BDS topics, including the very important TIAA/CREF divestment campaign headed by Jewish Voice for Peace. I had not known that Barbara was very involved in that campaign. We will have to have her back on Activist Radio in the spring.