January 2, 2019

Her warrior cunning

December 27

GUEST: Krystal Two Bulls, US military veteran, member of About Face Veterans Against the War, and Co-Director of the Drop the MIC Campaign (Military Industrial Complex), talks about her Oglala Lakota and Northern Cheyenne indigenous identity and how that relates to her efforts to end America's reckless wars abroad.

About Face, Veterans Against The War

We can learn so much from indigenous peoples. From the very first meetings with European colonizers, Native Americans have expressed amazement and horror at a society that treated the earth like an expendable asset. How long it has taken us to accept this basic truth about ourselves. We have lost the connection our species must have always had to the earth around us. Unless we can realize the true nature of our dependency, there will be no planet for anyone to be part of.

Krystal Two Bulls is a warrior for her people. She has served her country as a veteran, but wants to end US imperialism abroad. She yearns to live in peace, but will not sit by while her forests and plains are despoiled by massive pipelines. Is not just the constant leakage of oil into the Lakota's sources of water. It is also the burning of more fossil fuels that will push global warming beyond the tipping point.

Insanity, fed by greed and militarism. If this is how it all ends, there will have been people like Krystal Two Bulls who applied her bravery and warrior cunning to try and save us from ourselves.