Friday, July 25, 2014

Vast majority of workers may go postal

GUEST: Jay Galione, documentary filmmaker, talks about his new film, “Gone Postal: The Documentary to Save the People's Post Office,” produced by Sheila Dvorak.

Jay came to our studio for the interview, always a pleasure. We talked about his father's life in the US Post Office, and how the public service that he loved betrayed him.

It is a familiar story. The corporatization of all our public services is well underway, and the results are staggeringly bad. Teachers have to say specific words to their students for each lesson being taught and there is no deviation allowed. Postal workers have to work faster and faster as the sorting machines are speeded up. Workers become what the rich elite have always wanted them to be, unthinking robots on a production line.

The intellectual discourse of the very wealthy is just that limited. To them ("philanthropists" like Bill Gates and the Walton Family), life should be nothing but regimentation for the working class. There is no public good; there is no humanity.

The captains of capital in the 21st century are only half human. Privatizing everything is their goal, despite the suffering and chaos it brings to those who don't have millions in the stock market. They only understand profit and are even blind to the environmental catastrophe descending upon them.

Someday, the vast majority of workers may go postal, simply because there will be no other choice.

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