Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ten years ago in the land of the free

GUEST: Chris Hedges, writer and political activist, talks to the Green Party Convention about political repression and resistance (prerecorded).

If our government ever returns to upholding the Constitutional right of its citizens, Chris Hedges will be our historian of choice. He explains precisely how an advanced country in the Twenty First Century can strip the human rights protections we all though would last forever.  

The ultimate irony is that Obama taught Constitutional law. How ultimately flexible his moral universe must be. Whoever pays the most money gets to use his intellect and his skin color to further the interests of the 1% while elite. 

The late Roman Empire produced emperors of such cruelty and arrogance that they were no longer able to lead. Our presidents of the last 40 years have fit this stereotype. Smiling, they were capable of delivering the most unctuous pronouncements about democracy and human rights while slaughtering millions in the developing world.  

Now Obama claims the right to indefinitely detain US citizens without trial, as well as the right to assassinate them if need be. Who amongst us would have thought these words were even possible ten years ago in the land of the free.

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