Monday, May 1, 2017

Caste system for Palestinians?

Guest: Mohammad Sabaaneh, a Palestinian graphic artist living in Ramallah who is the principal political cartoonist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, talks about his powerful new book "White and Black: Political Cartoons from Palestine," to be released by Just World Books in early May.

Mohammad got the idea for this book while suffering in an Israeli jail. He also spent time in solitary confinement, which is perhaps the subject of the cartoon on the left.

No charges were ever filed against Mohammad, a very common fact of life in apartheid Israel. Laws differ according to one's religion. Human rights are rarely respected and due process doesn't exist if you are a Palestinian. A huge number of young Palestinians have been imprisoned, much like the statistics one finds on Black incarceration in the US.

In fact, the more one learns about the historical treatment of African Americans in this country, the more dramatic the similarities become. Richard Rothstein's new book "The Color of Law" will come out in a few days, and it proves beyond any doubt that America's federal, state, and local governments actively pursued racial segregation over the last 100 years, along with the banks, real estate firms, insurance companies and even much of corporate manufacturing. Yes, America's treatment of Blacks has created a caste system, the same as has been done by Israel in occupied Palestine. 

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