Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Corporate fascism and what's left for the rest of us

GUEST: Lawrence Wittner, history professor, author, and social critic, talks about his latest exposé, the scandal of vast inequality in retirement pay.

Larry spelled it all out: how the retirements of the very rich are obscene, and the retirements of the rest of us, barely keeping food on the table. 

Not surprising, although it is good to have these studies that prove what many workers already know. The very rich are intent on squeezing the last bit of "excess" income from the vast majority of working Americans. Trump's palaces are monuments to greed and bad taste, but US capitalists don't care in the least. As long as he helps them dismantle any programs that benefit the 99%, the rich will be happy. 

Does our corporate society tend towards wage slavery? Our guest next week, Jesper Roine, talks about the work of Thomas Piketty, author of Capital in the Twenty-First Century. Jesper is the author of the Pocket Piketty, which will be published this month. This condensed version will further spread Piketty's ideas about how inequality grows, and why it is so dangerous.

At the end of the interview, Larry spells out what we as a society must do to stop this dissent into corporate fascism. We have to take to the streets while we still can. Thomas Piketty would, no doubt, agree. 

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