Saturday, December 17, 2016

Suffering and resistance a common theme

GUEST: Roger Silverman, teacher, author and political activist, talks about his new book, "Defiance: Greece and Europe," that explains SYRIZA's continuing resistance to neoliberal capitalism.

Our discussion about Greece can be linked to my curiosity about how other cultures are organized. 

As an American, I was brought up to revere only one system of government, that of capitalism. And since that religion came to me at an early age, I have never really looked at what that system entails. 

How have other countries structured themselves, and what role has the US played in influencing their decisions? How has American capitalism affected the hidden aspect of our religion: our all encompassing empire?

George helped our listeners understand the horrendous American occupation of Greece at the end of WW II. We know that millions died in Korea, but we don't know our secret killing fields in Greece. The Colonel's Coup came letter, more blood letting instigated by the CIA. Understanding these wars for freedom is the missing backdrop to the current Greek crisis, the key to understanding much of what is going on.

Greece's suffering and resistance is a common theme in our age of imperialism.

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