Saturday, December 17, 2016

Free speech a constant battle

GUESTS: Nic Abramson, Helaine Meisler, and Sharon Johnston, three activists from Woodstock Free Speech, talk about their efforts to get a First Amendment resolution, protecting a citizen's right to boycott, passed by the Woodstock Town Board.

People really do rise to the occasion when free speech is threatened by our government. Nic, Helaine, and Sharon explain why. The Woodstock Town Board also understood the issue right away and acted to protect its citizens from government restrictions and blacklists. 

In the age of Trump, free speech will be a constant battle. Trump's authoritarian beliefs will lead to many assaults on our First Amendment rights. But we have fought back before and we will fight back again. This time it is the right to boycott apartheid Israel. It's good place to draw a line in the sand against totalitarianism.

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