Thursday, August 18, 2016

Islamophobia is an imperial disease

GUEST: Ellie Bernstein, filmmaker and political activist, will talk to us about her latest documentary "The Impact," that explores Islamophobia around the world and how some governments use racist fears to target and frighten Muslims.

The assault on Muslims continues in the Western World. Many of the European countries as well as the US have established colonies in the Middle East, and the result has often been devastation and widespread carnage. Millions more have been displaced in these imperial wars.

To justify these crimes in the Middle East, the Western countries have encouraged a virulent racism towards Muslims, both in the occupied countries and in their own homelands. Islamophobia is an imperial disease, and the most vicious of all the occupying countries, Israel, practices the crudest form of racial prejudice towards it's millions of Palestinians.

Not to be outflanked by human rights campaigns in the US, Israel has poured money into making Americans fearful of Islam and of the Muslim people in their midst. The cancer that is Israel has metastasize in America, leading to physical attacks on Arabs and threats of deportation.

Ellie Bernstein's film will explore how far Western countries have come in destroying their own freedom of speech in the name of profit and political hegemony. It is a terrible price we all must pay for war crimes committed in our name.

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