Friday, July 22, 2016

America's sixty five your support for the Palestinian genocide

GUEST: Ben Ehrenreich, author of "The Way to the Spring," based on his three years in the West Bank traveling and living with Palestinian families, talks about the extremes of oppression suffered by an occupied people.

Ben Ehrenreich took a risk telling stories about non-people. To consider a Palestinian a person at all, especially in US politics, is to come under relentless assault as an antiSemite. And if presidential candidates reflect the national mood, both Hillary and Trump are the most rabid Zionists who have ever sought that office. 

Both candidates, however, may be out of step with what most Americans think. Close to 90% of voters express frustration at the choices they have for president. Hillary is terrible on the environment, on wars in the Middle East, on the new Cold War, and on Wall Street dominance of our system. Hillary's only substantive difference to Trump may be the fact that he is worse than she is.

Trump has the high ground, however, when it comes to anger at the "system." Hillary is so much a part of the system, that any populist expressions come out like everything else she does, looking like another lie.

But what about the brutal occupation of millions in Palestine? What about their destroyed lives and imprisoned children? Their story is a the heart of our neoliberal empire, and their suffering is a crime our leaders are not likely to acknowledge. 

"The Way to the Spring: Life and Death in Palestine" is one of those important books that will someday effect our national conscience. We can see the change coming in candidates like Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders. America's sixty five your support for the Palestinian genocide may be coming to an end. We can't all spend years living in Palestine, but we can read Ben Ehrenreich book, and start demanding that apartheid no longer be practiced in our name.

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