Friday, March 4, 2016

Emmanuel Goldstein's message

GUEST: Jack Smith, radical journalist, editor of the Hudson Valley Activist Newsletter and former editor of the National Guardian, talks about his latest article in CounterPunch, "Obama Intensifies Wars and Threats of War."

This picture is from an interview of Jack on the Rag Blog. His story of activism over the last half century is an impressive one and well worth reading. Radicalized early on, he has maintained an all encompassing leftist viewpoint that I have found to be much closer to reality than the one giving to me by various history classes or our major media.

Jack points out the greed and barbarism of the American Empire since World War II, with its endless invasions, occupations, and overthrowing of democratically elected leaders. Like Emmanuel Goldstein's radical  analysis in 1984, Jack's viewpoint at times has that feeling of truth, freed from the restrictions of falsehoods and obfuscation.

Why is Obama pursuing these endless wars in the Middle East? It's our system of hegemony; we never really stopped fighting after defeating Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany. The US has been working for global dominance during all our lives, just covering up it's war crimes with various calls for democracy and human rights. It is like Emmanuel Goldstein's message to 1984's protagonist Winston Smith. One has the feeling of coming to a startling and terrible truth.

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