Monday, February 8, 2016

Changing alliances and widespread butchery

Guests: Tarak Kauff, board member for Veterans For Peace, and Bruce Gagnon, Coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, discuss their trip to Jeju Island and Okinawa to protest the building of new US military bases there. (Due to a streaming failure, this show only includes the above interview.)

The streaming of WVKR was done this week, so only the prerecorded interview is on our website. 

But its a very good interview, in that it combines real dedication to civil disobedience linked with a growing awareness of the immensity of the American Empire. Here were Veteran For Peace activists putting themselves on the line to support two communities that do not want huge military bases in their midst: Jeju Island, Korea and Okinawa, Japan.

Both islands have long histories of resisting foreign invasions and occupations. The US is just the latest foreign army to claim the right to build bases and wage wars from their territories. This time, it is the American Empire trying to strangle China's access to the seas, the famous "pivot to the East" that our Noble Peace Prize President is so ready to brag about.

Having been in Korea for a year at one such massive base, I am all too aware of the price Koreans pay for military occupation. The US has a long and bloody history in Korea, taking over from the Japanese after World War II. But our country never stopped killing leftist "subversives," as any look at recent Korean history will show you. It is a testament to the propagandist strength our our media that more American citizens don't know this history.

Why don't you learn about it?

Moreover, take a moment to think about the 800 US bases around the world. In effect, the US has never stopped fighting World War II. It was too lucrative for our military, industrial complex to give up. What we see is Orwell's concept of perpetual war, with changing alliances and widespread butchery in the Third World.

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