Thursday, September 3, 2015

Coexist or parish

GUEST: Eve Spangler, sociologist at Boston College and a civil rights activist, talks about her new book: Understanding Israel/Palestine: Race, Nation, and Human Rights in the Conflict.

Eve was just as good on Activist Radio as she had been on NPR. There is something disarming about how she presents the history, both of her family escaping the Holocaust and of Israel, destined from the beginning to be an apartheid state.

As she puts it, "The supposed complexities of the conflict are gone." Anyone can find out the real history if they want to. And in terms of the creation of Israel, that history is one of massive ethnic cleansing. 

Talking to Eve gives me hope. She writes books about Palestine and takes groups of students to learn what Israeli occupation looks like. If more academics could be this frank, and use their truth telling to influence students, why someday the Israelis and the Palestinians might actually learn to coexist. 

We must all coexist or parish. This is the lesson the American Empire must learn if the human race has any chance of survival. 

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