Thursday, June 25, 2015


Guest: Ivy Meeropol, director or "Heir to an Execution" (2004) and "Indian Point" (2015). talks about nuclear power and the distortions of the energy industry.

All the facts in the world can't bring the danger home as much as thinking about trying to pickup your children or grandchildren from school after a nuclear meltdown. Ivy lives in Cold Spring, just eleven miles from one of the oldest nuclear power plants in the country. And her children attend the local school.

Imagine the traffic jam trying to even get into the school. And what if the children have already been taken away to "someplace in Carmel"? How would one find them again with the mass hysteria and miles long traffic jams? 

How could any company have built the plant so close to millions of people? And why isn't it shut down now? Indian Point is a wakeup call that those in charge of such things are insane. Paid off by the corporations and heedless of the risks, our leaders politely debate the future of nuclear power as if our lives don't matter. Indian Point is both a constant danger to millions, and a constant reminder that our two party, corporate controlled governmental system is basically illegitimate. 

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