Thursday, December 18, 2014

Denying Palestinian humanity

GUEST: Susan Abulhawa, a Palestinian-American activist and the author of the bestselling novel, “Mornings in Jenin,” talks about her founding of the NGO, Playgrounds for Palestine.

This interview was a long time in the making. Our first attempt was a call-in interview, but Ms. Abulhawa thought I was to call her. Next we recorded a Skype interview, which got off to a rocky start. I pointed out how important it was to have stories about Palestinians in our media, since their suffering is never acknowledged. Ms. Abulhawa replied that Palestinians shouldn't have to prove their humanity, and she was upset that anyone would think that. You may as well listen to the interview. We were able to come to terms, about the need to present Palestinian suffering, and the unfairness of a racist media in the US that constantly denies that Palestinian lives matter.

Added to this, the RCA inputs at the station are broken. I had to play the interview in mono if I wanted to have it heard at all. Luckily, Eli was there to talk as I tried all sorts of inputs, looking for one that could be heard on the air.

We are independent radio, after all. Lack of corporate sponsorship gives us a can-do attitude. Plus we talk about things you are not going to be hearing on your local dial. Like Susan Abulhawa discussing the human rights of her people.

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