Sunday, October 13, 2013

Your work shows us the way

GUEST: Alan Levine, New York civil rights lawyer who has written about the assault on academic freedom in the name of pro-Israel orthodoxy, talks about Jewish peace groups involved in the US campaign against Islamophobia.

Alan was forceful and persuasive. It doesn't do Jews or anyone else any good to encourage racism directed at Muslims. In fact, Alan spends a lot of his life defending those who are denied their fundamental rights in America.

When I asked about this, he referred to his religious tradition, noting that Jews have always supported those who have been downtrodden and discriminated against. I left the interview with a lot of respect both for Alan and for that tradition that is so apparent in our nation's history. Whether it was workers' rights in the First World War, or African American rights in the Jim Crow South, Jewish activist have always been there, and have at times payed a high price for their dedication to unpopular causes.

Thank you, Alan. Your work shows us the way.

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