Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Arc towards justice

GUEST: Ellie Bernstein, Hudson Valley activist and director of the new film, "Ghost Town: The Hebron Story," talks about the challenges of film making in the occupied West Bank.

We all do what we can to bring justice for the Palestinians. I used to think it was a simple matter of letting enough people know about Israel's ethnic cleansing of the West Bank. But things must be more complex to have lasted this long. There is the Israeli Lobby with its money, religious fanaticism, and virtual chokehold over Congress and the president. There are the weapons manufactures and defense contractors that have put us all on the "cross of iron." There is the disinterest of the American and Israeli people. Human rights for Arabs?

So we just keep plugging along, with boycott stickers, letters to the editor, film showings, etc., hoping that one day Martin Luther King's view of history will prove to be correct. Let us continue our work to bend that arc towards justice.

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