Friday, June 21, 2013

Their rightful place: prison

GUEST: Lawrence S. Wittner, award-winning American historian, writer, and activist for peace and social justice, talks about his most recent book, "What’s Going On at UAardvark?"

It was a pleasure talking to Larry. We both had been active in the 1960's, and we are both still working for social justice today. There was something hopeful about that era that has kept us at it all these years.

Not to equate my efforts with his. Larry is a tireless activist who has written several books and advised large peace and justice groups like Peace Action. We talked about his latest plans for getting his message to a larger audience, his first novel.

Towards the end of our interview, we talked about Cuomo's plans to turn the State University over to even greater corporate influence. He invited them to take up residence the state's colleges and universities free of charge. Even their employees won't pay state taxes. Of course, it will be a big loss of revenue for the state, meaning less support for students attending college. Even worse, however, is their official presence on campus, offering suggested courses and bribing professors to make their curriculums more pro-corporate.

I asked Larry what could possibly reverse this corporate invasion of higher education. He responded by urging all of us to educate and organize. The corporations and Wall Street certainly call all the shots in our country right now. But get enough people angry, and there is a chance that we can reclaim our democracy, and put the filthy rich corporate elites back in their rightful place: prison.

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