Friday, March 15, 2013

Justice for Lynne Stewart

Justice for Lynne Stewart. It is the defenders of freedom of expression in our society who are paying the price for empire. Lynne was put into prison for defending an unpopular Muslim cleric. It was clearly a warning to the legal system that the "War on Terror" is to be a war on Constitution rights.

If we ever get these rights back, Lynne will be a hero. For now, she is part of the proud resistance to a nation that has lost its way within the world community. Lynne's jail sentence is part of that "spiritual death" that Rev. Martin Luther King predicted for a society that spends more on war than on uplifting its own citizens.

Here is Lynne's "Cry Out for International Women's Day:
This is a cry from deep in my soul on behalf of my sister - abused, forgotten, make marginal. We are always aware of our place on the rungs of the ladder of oppression based on race and class and sex. 
Since this needs be brief, I want to first talk about sisters Indian - Asian and Native American. It is the most difficult concept to conceive of the evil predatory communities these women on different sides of the world live in. Rape is VIOLENCE not sex. It has been routine for men to absolutely do as they will without any fear of retribution legally. There have been no courts to prosecute, to PUNISH. My first rejoinder is always to ure sefl-defense - that will always get a woman to court. But she may be the vicim again. Right now, the Congress has passed a "law" that we hope will protect Native Indian women here. But there have been many "laws." There is greater hope in India where there has been a righteous female upsring that cannot be ignored. 
Briefly, I just want to mention - women who are no in the cruel workd but suffer behind bars - cages, if you will. Some of us are political - here because the government has criminalized our actions or framed us - I call out to you to Remember an Cherish Marie Mason, a "green warrior," Afra Siddique, a "heroine in her won Pakistan for her brave resistance," and also Me - Still fighting, Still Strggling. Still loving you all. 
Love Struggle,

Support Lynne now, especially when she is being denied in her request to see a cancer specialist in NYC. 

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