Thursday, February 21, 2013

Food and a permanent underclass

GUEST: Katia Chapman, recent Vassar graduate (Latin American/ Latino Studies) and Youth Empowerment Associate Coordinator for the Rural & Migrant Ministry, talks about community activism and the pursuit of social and economic justice for all.

The invisibility of farm workers protects us all. We can be enthusiastic about local produce and sustainable agriculture. We can use local farmers' markets that have opened in almost every community. But workers' rights never seem to enter into the discussion. We even pay a little more for organic produce to keep our family healthy. Would we ever pay a little more so that farm workers could live normal lives?

Without labor rights, farm workers are often much worse off then any other employees in America. Why aren't farm workers included in our labor legislation? Must there be a permanent underclass that plants and harvests the food you serve at your table? 

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