Friday, January 11, 2013

The fate of life on earth

Guests: Maureen Kelly (Etaoqua Mahicanu) and Evan Pritchard, Native American activists, talk about the Two Row Wampum Campaign in the Hudson Valley and the Idle No More movement in Canada.

We had a wide ranging discussion about radical politics, nonviolent resistance, and the awakening of the First World nations.

I didn't know that Henry David Thoreau's tactics were from conversations he had with indigenous people he met during his canoe trip in Main. I would love to get confirmation of that. I will try to find my copy of The Maine Woods. Could it be in there? I read it so long ago. There is some confirmation on the Internet that he hired a local Penobscot as his guide.

Sort of fits with another discussion we had. Are European settlers too bogged down in the minutia of reshaping our world to realize that we are destroying it? Can one get there with logic, or must it be understood from the heart, like the rows of wampum beads in the Two Row Wampum belt?

If we followed the philosophy of First World Nations, would we have a better chance of avoiding the climate catastrophe awaiting us? There is an inexpressible sadness in our failure to comprehend; it will dictate the fate of our children and grandchildren, as well as that of all life on earth.    

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