Thursday, May 31, 2012

Obama, Wilson, and the Fascist State

I am sorry that Joel Tyner could not call in, but we finally got to play some of Chris Hedges, recorded at Bard College. Each time I listen to him, I understand more of what he is saying to the people of America. The usurpation of democracy by the wealthy and powerful has been a long time coming, and Hedges loves talking about President Wilson and the First World War.

What I learned in history class about Wilson has slowly unravelled over the decades. He is always presented as an "idealist" who loved peace but was forced into war. The reality is that Wilson talked incessantly about peace before he was elected, but then pushed the US into war for the benefit of Wall Street. His fascist laws about those speaking out against the war were a new low for freedom of speech in America and resulted in hundreds of people locked up for expressing their views in public. He also fought child labor reforms and the Suffrage movement.

Hedges makes the argument that Obama will harm this country much like Wilson did. A Democrat advocating for war, the destruction of labor rights, and the protection of Wall Street can do much more damage than a Republican with the same views. I believe that if Obama is elected again, he will finally destroy Social Security, giving a bonanza to his Wall Street funders. Bush tried to do this but was opposed by too many Democrats. The beauty for Wall Street of owning a Democratic president is that there will be no resistance.

With this ascendency of corporate control, our country will again risk becoming a fascist state.

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