Friday, April 20, 2012

Harold Miller and Protecting Communities

GUEST: Harold Miller, community organizer and Upstate Director of New York Communities for Change, talks about his divestment campaign aimed at JP Morgan Chase

In talking to Harold, I realized that New York Communities for Change was more interested in protecting communities than going after the big banks for criminal behavior. Divestment is being used to force the banks to do the right thing, help homeowners restructure their debts and stay in their homes.

And it seems to be working. By going to local town boards and county legislatures to divest from JP Morgan Chase, Communities for Change is putting the pressure on. Why can't we do that locally? We have a responsive and hard working county legislator named Joel Tyner. It seems like more people should be calling Joel and volunteering to make the big banks accountable. Have you seen the city of Poughkeepsie foreclosure map? Hundreds of families are in danger.

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