Friday, July 25, 2014

Time to clean house

GUEST: Lawrence S. Wittner, award-winning American historian, writer, and activist for peace and social justice, talks about how American colleges and universities are increasingly being run on a business model.

We were able to get Larry on the line this time, and the wait was worth it (hope he thinks too). We got to talk about his book, and delve into the "savage capitalism" that has descended on most colleges in the US.

The adjuncts do the teaching, the students do the paying and the profits go to million dollar salaries for the big shots who run the place. Not only that, but large corporations are invited in take advantage of university research as well as to qualify for huge tax breaks from our government. Look at Cuomo's juicy plans for bringing in "partners" for the SUNY system. Millions in tax breaks for GE, a pittance for the adjuncts, and billions of debt for students. 

We have named our website ClassWars, in part because the mainstream media will not point out trends like the privatization of public services. The NY Times is owned and operated by the very wealthy and their dominant corporations (just take a peek at their board of directors). It is not in the interests of the elite of America to have the vast majority understand the swindles being perpetrated on them. 

At least we are not being slaughtered by a racist, fascist theocracy as are the Palestinians. Maybe if we can get out from under corporate dominance, we can also free our government from its subservience to the Israeli lobby. Time to clean house (and the Senate too).

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