Saturday, April 5, 2014

Vote Green, but take to the streets!

GUEST: Carl Lundgren, Chair of the Bronx County Green Party and Green Party candidate for NY State Senate District 34 (Bronx-Westchester), talks about the dysfunctional two party system and why we need a better way. 

Carl expressed it perfectly. Why do a vast majority of the people believe in the same policies and values espoused by the Green Party, and yet continue to vote for Democrats?

As Obama has so well illustrated, there is no honesty in either party. He still talks like he is Martin Luther King, but has waged incessant war with his drone strikes, indefinite detention, NSA spying, and excessive secrecy. His "hope" was a public relations pitch based on nothing. Obama sold his soul a long time ago in Chicago when he was Mayor Daily's candidate, chosen to defeat black progressives in the city council. Ties to real estate developers, the nuclear power industry and Wall Street have determined what he really works hard for. Nixon was a wild-eyed leftist compared to our current charlatan in chief.

So is the system fixable at the ballot box? The Supreme Court decisions allowing hundreds of millions to be pumped into each election cycle are the final nails in the coffin of our democracy. By all means, vote Green as a protest against the system. But realize that the system lacks any legitimacy, and must be fundamentally changed.

Continued expansion of the US empire will bring nuclear war. Continued domination by Wall Street, big oil, and the military industrial complex will bring irreversible global warming. Are we facing Frost's fire and ice choice for the end of humankind? Only an enraged populace can save us from our insane leaders. Vote Green, but take to the streets!

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