Friday, June 14, 2013

Declaration of Independence from corporate rule

GUEST: Corinne Rosen, from Food and Water Watch, and New Yorkers Against Fracking, talks about our hopes to save the environment from this type of environmental destruction.

Corinne could make a believer out of me. She is so confident that grassroots organizing can take on the corporate/government nexus of power that I feel like taking to the streets myself.

Howard Zinn wrote that movements make change, and the corrupted politicians are the last to fall in line. The People's History is all about grassroots organizing and how the process of struggle is the only thing that really improves the lives of working people. 

But what of changing the system itself? Must we be continually threatened by the corporate elites of the world, forever victimized by their greed and warmongering? In our efforts to make change, can we afford the largest change of all, that of our system of government? Without a return to democracy, small changes won't solve our longterm problem. Our Constitution has been destroyed by the few who rule us with an increasingly iron fist. When we will we join together and declare a Declaration of Independence from corporate rule?

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