Friday, February 15, 2013

We rant a little

GUEST: Katia Chapman from Rural and Migrant Ministry was unable to call in as our guest (we are rescheduling). Listeners get a whole hour of just Fred and Gary railing against the war mongers and corporate elites.
From Bill Clinton to Barack Obama and from Madeleine Albright to Hillary Clinton, these Democratic sellouts have been pursuing American Empire at the cost of trillions of dollars, and hundreds of thousands of lives lost. They do it for money, and for their place among the corporate elite. They internalize the logic of neoliberalism since it fits with their all consuming ambition to be rich and powerful. None of them come from the elite class, but have been willing to sell their intellect and persuasive skills to the highest bidder, which in the Twenty First Century has always been the captains of multinational corporations.

Hope has been an integral part of their message. The hope of the middle class to do better, to own more, and to become a member the ruling class. Their actions in office, however, betray the hope of the middle class by making it impossible for most other people to improve their lives or the lives of their children. By serving the elite so faithfully, they increase the already gross disparity of income in America, and restrict the social mobility for everyone else.

War is the most efficient way to increase the power and wealth of the nation's elite, and so these Democrats have become masters of creating deadly conflicts abroad. They use all their persuasive powers to demonize selected countries, creating "enemy lists" that can be used from administration to administration. The US media plays along and never raises questions. Welcome to the American Empire, hated and feared by most of the developing world.

Rant a little; it clears the head after all the imperial garbage we are fed daily.

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