Thursday, January 19, 2012

We had a lively interview with Gerald Celente today. Started off a little shaky with my earphones falling into two pieces. Gary found another one that worked and we were off.

Being Activist Radio, we didn't disagree too much with Mr. Celente's criticism of our corporate controlled two party system. The interview was anything but laid back, however. I wonder about the role of disgust and outright anger in describing the direction of this country. Would we have been balanced and reasonable as Hitler destroyed the rule of law in Germany?

"Few of us can easily surrender our belief that society must somehow make sense. The thought that the State has lost its mind and is punishing so many innocent people is intolerable. And so the evidence has to be internally denied." -Arthur Miller



  1. Hi Fred and Gary!
    I'm glad you included the interview with Gerald Celente; because I've been trying to figure him out, as well as some other libertarian analysts. They say a lot of things I can agree with, but there's always something that seems missing or out of place in their message.

    I think Fred found the key when he asked Celente a question of 'what advice he had that went beyond personal choices and decisions about future problems' That would have been a question to follow up on, because Celente's trashing of government's ability to deal with crises ignores the fact that there has been a dedicated effort by conservatives for the last 40 years to make government incompetent and inefficient, and speed up the collapse of all government services that libertarians deem unessential.

    This is why Gerald Celente follows the same "every man for himself" advice for future problems that Glenn Beck pushes; and that's likely why they get along so well when Beck interviews him.

    I believe that we are in living in historic times, and are bumping up against the natural limits of what this planet can provide for human activity. Thomas Malthus warned about this over 200 years ago, and so far we have managed to find new territories and new energy sources to keep growing in population and consumption. And if we have hit the longed warned about "Limits To Growth" a cooperative approach to dealing with those limits would make more sense than the survivalists' advice of hoarding and pillaging.....and Celente, Beck, and other right wing survivalists need to be confronted with the failings of their ideas on government and social organization.

    ralph m

  2. Like Fred, I agreed with almost everything Mr. Celente had to say. I did object, however, to his vocififerous namecalling and his blanket denunciations of the Left. I'm not a defender of President Obama -- he has lost my vote -- but I think the worst you can acuse him of is cowardice and providing a better figurehead for the Military Industrial Complex than Bush/Cheney because he sincerely (I believe) professes progressive ideals. But the underlying cause of the decline of the U.S. is the domination of the corporatuion and an ideological commitment to the "religion" of the market, a trend that, as the Trend-master Mr. Celente should recognize, has been going on for decades, under Republicans and Democrats alike. I hold greater anger towards the Right more because of their underhanded tactics and shameless pandering to religious and racial bigotry.